Defeated Sanity - The Sanguinary Impetus (EN)

Band: Defeated Sanity (D)
Genre: Progressive Brutal Death Metal
Label: Willowtip Records
Album title: The Sanguinary Impetus
Duration: 33:33
Releasedate: 24.07.2020

Defeated Sanity - The Sanguinary Impetus (EN)

I didn’t know Defeated Sanity, a band coming from Berlin, until now, which is sad. These guys, who are active since 1993, are going to release their sixth studio album in 2020 and are ready to mix up the scene.

I am not that deep into the Brutal scene, but as this kind of metal is quite awesome and sophisticated in my opinion, I just had to do this review.

Deep, guttural vocals welcome you right after a sweet introduction and immediately hit it off with all the other instruments. "Phytodigestion" is a quite potent opener and with 2:44 minutes neither to short, nor too long. Generally, "too long" doesn’t exist in Brutal Death Metal and similar genres.

As suspected, the already mentioned gutturals are unintelligible, which makes up the charm of this music. Some more significant attention I want to draw on the very advanced and abstractly playing guitars. With their progressive, melodic part they hide behind the vocals and the drums, but still score by variation and controlled chaos. In this sense, "Conceived Through Savagery" is a very beautiful piece of music. Lots of thrashing, tangled and shimmering guitars and even more thrashing. It’s always amazing, what one can bring into a song in under 4 minutes. Whoever can keep still, might be already dead. Awesome stuff!

A last paragraph I want to dedicate to the last two songs, which persuade yet alone by their playtime, but also by a long, instrumental introduction, rhythmic intermediate parts, fumbling chaos and a nice 80’s-style old school thrash metal solo ("Drivelling Putrefaction"). As this title comes around with an intermediate tempo, "Dislimbing The Ostracized" is quite slow and demonstrates the Berliners’ skills. The trio’s class gets revealed by dashing thrashing, dull inserts in the vocals and the bandwidth of the virtuous guitars.

In technical perspective, the album is mixed okish. The production is slightly washed quite like a dirty window and therefore fits the music. But a slightly clearer mix would have profited the guitars, which are the secret stars of the album, in my opinion. They would have deserved to play a bigger role.

Defeated Sanity heavily cannonaded. The running time of about 30 minutes just flies by, which is absolutely not negatively connoted. A slightly neater production would have scored about 0,5 or 1 points higher, but fans of the brutal sector’s output won’t bother.

Rating: 8,5/10

Recommendation: Entity Dissolving Entity, Conceived Through Savagery, Dislimbing The Ostracized


01. Phytodigestion
02. Imposed Corporeal Inhabitation
03. Conceived Through Savagery
04. Entity Dissolving Entity
05. Insecta Incendium
06. Arboreously Transfixed
07. Propelled Into Sacrilege
08. Drivelling Putrefaction
09. Dislimbing The Ostracized


Josh Welshman - Vocals
Lille Gruber - Guitar, Drums
Jacob Schmidt - Bass