Nordjevel - Necrogenesis (EN)

Band: Nordjevel (N)
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Albumtitle: Necrogenesis
Duration: 47:19
Releasedate: 29.03.2019

Nordjevel - Necrogenesis (EN)

Three years after the self-titled debut in 2016, the second work of the Norwegians Nordjevel appears. "Necrogenesis" is the name of the current disc, which will be released by the label Osmose Productions at the end of March 2019.

Without delay and any introduction, the opener starts with full force. A shriek and angry, cutting guitar riffs paired with a frenzied drum-bang break over you like a hurricane. Regarding the vocals, they scream classic black metallic. The voice of Doedsadmiral reminds a lot of old Dark Funeral releases. While listening to the disc, I do not just notice this parallel voice. No, the songwriting as a whole makes me think of the Swedes again and again. Be it the intonated vocals, the drumming, the riffing or the speed due to its structures ...

The whole story is really not bad and has a lot of buzz. Sadly, in the 47 minutes there is not enough surprising variety. Unfortunately, the tracks are all very similar in their structure, hence this becomes somewhat predictable after some time. Certainly, the work bashes through well, but several other representatives in this genre do that too. I cannot say I don't like it, but my old discs from various Scandinavian Black Metal bands have enough of those songs. I definitely miss the independence and the recognition value here.

An average piece of a mixture of Dark Funeral, Marduk and Immortal. Crying, barking and bludgeoning is enriched by changes in tempo and frosty arrangements and can therefore still be considered as positive things. In some parts Nordjevel sound a little fresher in the production than the old guard of their division, but in the end I have to say, I recognize too many well-known arrangements and patterns of the mentioned role models here. Therefore, "Necrogenesis" will not really last in my memory.

Rating: 6/10

Recommendation: Nazarene Necrophilia, Panzerengel


01. Sunset Glow
02. Devilry
03. The Idea Of One-Ness
04. Black Lights From The Void
05. Amen Whores
06. The Fevered Lands
07. Nazarene Necrophilia
08. Apokalupsis Eschation
09. Panzerengel


Doedsadmiral - Vocals, Guitars
DzeptiCunt - Vocals, Bass
Valla - Guitars
Destructhor - Guitars
Dominator - Drums