Blight - Temple Of Wounds (EN)

Band: Blight (CDN)
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Svart Records
Album title: Temple Of Wounds
Duration: 50:17
Releasedate: 05.06.2020

Blight - Temple Of Wounds (EN)

So far Blight from Canada released two Eps, which however were sufficient enough to convince Svart Records to release their first album.

While listening, Blight evokes a mood within me, as if I’m watching a secret ritual at which a chosen one fills himself with Lucifer’s dark energy with the assistance of his servants.

Blight creates this atmosphere among other things by various pitches of the singer’s voice, which reach from calm, spoken passages to powerful growls up to hateful screams.

The voice is supported by a surprisingly diverse, instrumental accompaniment. Starting with the genre-typical tremolo picking and blast beats in the faster sections, there are several songs changing to an intermediate or slow pace. By the subtle use of a synthesizer, the dark atmosphere is cleverly reinforced without appearing cheesy.

However, there is still adequate room for improvement concerning the usage of guitars and drums. On the one hand, there are hints of the hidden capacity, but overall, it’s not enough to make a lasting impression. On the other hand, I praise the proper production, which is often missing in debut albums.

It is a damn good debut album, which scores with professional production, the accomplished mood of the listener and the singer’s extraordinary vocal variance - it arouses a desire for more. I believe, as a black metal fan, one should have Blight on the radar.

Rating 8/10

Recommendation: Before The Monolith, Palish-I, We Left Of Our Own Volition


02. Elsewhere And Elsewhen
03. Kingship
04. Before The Monolith
05. A Violent Light
06. The Aurous Nescience
07. Palish-I
08. Scrying The Losis
09. We Left Of Our Own Volition


Herr Morbid - Vocals, Guitars
Algol - Bass
Asher - Drums