Forgotten Tomb - Nihilistic Estrangement (EN)

Band: Forgotten Tomb (I)
Genre: Black / Doom Metal
Label: Agonia Records
Album title: Nihilistic Estrangement
Duration: 41:58
Releasedate: 08.05.2020

The Evil - The Evil (EN)

For over 20 years the Italian band Forgotten Tomb has been releasing music. "Nihilistic Estrangement”, their upcoming work, which will be published in May 2020, is the tenth studio album in their band history. The pure black metal sound like in the debut „Songs To Leave” has changed a bit. Nevertheless, we don't have to renounce felicitous arrangements.

Right at the beginning the new album strikes out. The lower-tuned and sawing guitar sounds are accompanied by groovy and hammering drums. Herr Morbid's voice is rough, jangling and fits in with the image. Many changes of time and pace create this special moment which amplifies the doom-factor.

Like a common thread, these intoned scenarios stretch over the whole length of the album. Sprinkled with dissonance, the lava-like billowing riffs combined with excellent solos and acoustic transitions create a morbid and sinister atmosphere. By the slight reverb in the mix, the whole production appears quite spatial and punchy.

Again, Forgotten Tomb convinces by the thrilling and varied design of each individual song on their latest creation. The atmosphere of this album creates grim moments which were fascinatingly and terrifically implemented. It's a Blackened Doom album I can highly recommend.

Rating 9/10

Recommendation: everything


01. Active Shooter
02. Iris' House Pt. I
03. Iris' House Pt. II
04. Distrust3
05. Nihilistic Estrangement
06. RBMK


Herr Morbid - Vocals, Guitars
Algol - Bass
Asher - Drums