Freddy And The Phantoms - A Universe From Nothing (EN)

Band: Freddy And The Phantoms (DK)
Genre: Psychedelic / Blues Rock
Label: Mighty Music
Album: A Universe From Nothing
Duration: 38:20
Releasedate: 24.04.2020

Freddy And The Phantoms - A Universe From Nothing (EN)

A band got itself a place in my stereo, which was completely under my radar so far. I'm speaking of the Danish band Freddy And The Phantoms, which was founded in Copenhagen in 2010. Its new album will be released at the end of April 2020. "A Universe Of Nothing" already is the fifth long-player in their career and will be published by Mighty Music.

It rarely happens that an album directly catches me within the first few minutes, like in this case. The first track "First Blood Universe" pulls the listener into a whirl of grooving rhythms and hot guitar riffs. Dynamic changes in pacing and expressive melodies are captivating and create a versatile, thrilling mix. Precise drumming and playful inputs of the keys, for example, the organ, round off the sound. The clean, natural vocals of Frederik "Freddy" Schnoor, which is partly underlaid with reverb, is very pleasing to the ear and complements to the displayed sound.

At the latest when the beguiling "Lilith's Nightmare" swirls out of the speakers, it puts you in this frenzy-like state by emitting its unique flair. Its stomping beat, deep-roaring basslines and catchy hooks get under the skin and radiate a mysterious atmosphere. The instrumental "Andromeda Pt. 2" works as a kind of a calm anchor. Its gentle sound is quite fitting and builds a bridge to the more cumbrous and gloomier "Loners On The Run".

Throughout the album, many different influences come across with both ominous and bluesy moments. It's a potpourri, lining up one highlight after another, which makes it quite difficult choosing one or a couple of tips for a quick listening.

The last track actually is an "Inferno", which is an intense finale after about 38 minutes.

Wow! It's simply outstanding what Freddy And The Phantoms deliver with this album. Starting with the grooving beats, to the hot guitar riffs and the electrifying melodies, which engrave into the brain - everything is just right. A fascinating work riddled with diverse, musically gems, which fans of the genre absolutely should pay attention to!

Rating: 10/10

Recommendation: everything


01. First Blood Universe
02. River Of Hate
03. Lilith's Nightmare
04. Bermuda Blues
05. Andromeda
06. Andromeda Pt. 2
07. Loners On The Run
08. The 11th Guest
09. Hunger
10. Freedom Is A Prison
11. Inferno


Frederik "Freddy" Schnoor - Vocals, Guitars
Mads Wilken - Bass
Anders Haahr - Orgel, Keyboard, Clarinet
Rune Hansen - Drums