Calyx - Vientos Arcaicos (EN)

Band: Calyx (E)
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Albumtitle: Vientos Arcaicos
Duration: 44:38
Releasedate: 17.05.2019

Calyx - Vientos Arcaicos (EN)

The only difference between Spanish Black Metal as produced by Calyx on their first full length album and conventional Black Metal is the tongue of the lyrics. It remains common, apart from that as the band repeats the mistake of thousand other bands in this genre. They did not come up with any innovative ideas. There are some exceptions, but they are rare and this is the best that can happen in this genre. The Black Metal genre purifies itself in this way.

Of course there is death rattle like hell and the riffs are typical shredding but it's here too overworked. Partly, it comes across as obligatory hymnal and then it sounds stale and heard so many times that one doesn’t actually need it anymore.

The speed alternates between Doom like parts and well, same procedure as every time. Sometimes it flares the like of an idea and one hopes that they get on with it. But oh no, the Spaniards digress increasingly again in triviality.

The music babbles like a brook without any emotion or memorability. As per information sheet the concept of the band is about the dark age with all its castles and ruins. But this statement is only to enlarge the review as I can’t think of anything more except the resulting boredom.

Calyx are quite okay being a Tribute-BM-Band but in addition there is only common boredom. Not even the rare interspersed ideas can change that if there is only irrelevant shredding.

Rating: 3/10

Recommendation: nothing


01. Intro
02. La Venganza De Las Brujas
03. Asedio Infernal
04. La Sima
05. Bajo El Firmamento Nocturno
06. Vientos Arcaicos
07. Bosque Muerto
08. Loarre


Humungus - Vocals
Fantoni - Guitars
S.D - Bass
Huarte - Drums