Infuriate - Infuriate (EN)

Band: Infuriate (USA)
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Albumtitle: Infuriate
Duration: 29:33
Releasedate: 31.08.2018

Infuriate - Infuriate (EN)

Hell yeah, finally another so-called all-star group. This time they come from Texas, and (want to) serve us the best Death Metal ever. Honestly, the bands mentioned in the info sheet don't ring a bell with me, but that's not a quality feature to begin with. Since 2015, there have been some changes in the line-up, so that only now the first (but very short) long player could be published.

Everyone, who listens to "Juggernaut Of Pestilence" cannot help being reminded of two bands. Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse.
This is due to the sometimes sudden stops in drumming, which appear in many older Angelsongs, or even the slightly oblique sounding riffs. The rather frenzied execution and the growling reminds of the Cannibals then.

Many of the songs have these influences. Needless to say that you could also name other Brutal Death bands, which have a similar sound. Monstrosity or Severe Torture for example. Thus, the inclined fan can look forward to raging, deep-sounding riffs, an extremely concise, pumping bass and rapid drums with double bass barrage. The level of bruteness is not even that high, hence you can hear the whole thing without getting a headache.

The sound is really clear and has some pressure. The growling is also variable, at least regarding the pitch. However, the songs do not offer much to stick, but that'd take a mastership to achieve while holding this speed.

Although technically clean they really give it their all. Still, there is not enough recognition value for a higher rating. The plate rushes through without any anchor points. Only recommended for "Wants to own everything from the genre" - fans.

Rating: 6/10

Recommendation: nothing


01. Juggernaut Of Pestilence
02. Slaughter For Salvation
03. Collective Suffering
04. Engastration
05. Only Pain Remains
06. Matando
07. Mori Terrae
08. Surrogate
09. Cannibalistlic Gluttony


Jason Garza - Vocals, Guitars
Steven Watkins - Guitars
Alan Berryman - Bass
Sterling Junkin - Drums