Demise - De La Manipulacion A La Ignorancia (EN)

Band: Demise (YV)
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Brutal Records
Albumtitle: De La Manipulación A La Ignorancia
Duration: 77:52
Releasedate: 24.08.2018

Demise - De La Manipulacion A La Ignorancia (EN)

A few years ago, I had a roommate, who was a musician and who came from Venezuela as well. He made electronic music. Maybe we could have become best friends if he had produced something like the Demise guys, because they are pretty good with their kind of Death Metal in their third album now.

In advance, you may have noticed the enormous duration, but you can bring your heart rate back to normal. This duration is a consequence of the eleven songs of the first CD appearing again as instrumental versions on the second CD. What other bands sell as a special edition is offered right here to the common buyer in the standard package. At this point I have to admit that I'm not too much of a fan of instrumental Death Metal. Something is missing (the vocals) ... and yes, I also listened to the second CD completely.

From a purely musical point of view, the five guys from South America have almost the complete package. Deep growls everywhere, which are filled with sweeping riffs, hooks and tempo variations. They make the disc entertaining to listen to, even if it is not suitable for total continuous rotation. Since this is my first contact with Demise, unfortunately I can not judge to what extent the band has developed, but what you get to hear is already really good. The general mood is depressing and gloomy, which is also due to the content of each song, but Death Metal is not a haven for elves, fairies and dragons (and swords!) anyway.

The songs do not break out of their time frame of three to five minutes, just as the band remains in their gerne and refrain from slipping off into neighboring genre types. Therefore, there are neither stormy Thrash-cannons nor slips into the endless depths of Black Metal. The sound is still old-school though, which is why they get a bonus in the evaluation (thanks to modern production). At this point, I would like to emphasize only the drums, which do an excellent job and are highly variable and technically well-versed.

"De La Manipulación A La Ignorancia" did not become the big hit, but as in top-level sport, it is only due to minimal subtleties, which you can not always name, but which lead to small deductions. It certainly has not become a masterpiece, but it is still a really solid work.

Rating: 8/10

Recommendations: Huérfanos Del Petróleo, Como Se Siente El Miedo


CD 1:

01. 350 Mentiras
02. Rostros De Gaza
03. De La Manipulación A La Ignorancia
04. La Ley De Los Pranes
05. Huérfanos Del Petróleo
06. Régimen De Maldad
07. Como Se Siente El Miedo
08. Isis I
09. Demencia Constitucional
10. Poder Por El Poder
11. Éxodo

CD 2:

01. 350 Lies
02. Faces Of Gauze
03. From Manipulation To Ignorance
04. The Law Of The Pranes
05. Orphans Of The Petroleum
06. Evil Regime
07. How It Feels To Fear
08. Isis II
09. Constitutional Dementia
10. Power for the Power
11. Exodus


Alvaro Parra - Vocals
Bernardo König - Guitars
Erick Machado - Guitars
Mauricio Perez - Bass
Keny Godoy - Drums