Spaceslug - Eye The Tide (EN)

Band: Spaceslug (PL)
Genre: Doom / Stoner Metal
Label: BSFD Records
Album title: Eye The Tide
Duration: 54:25
Releasedate: 20.07.2018

Spaceslug - Eye The Tide (EN)

Spaceslug, who were founded in 2015 in Poland, will release their third longplayer on 20.07.18 by BSFD Records. Since the trio was completely unknown to me so far, I am now even more excited about which music awaits me behind the interesting album cover.
After listening to the album several times, the atmospheric and sometimes wistful-melancholic sounds that Bartosz Janik elicits from his guitar stand out, thus conjuring up individual, musical gems from the individual songs.

Slow, sluggish bass lines complement each other with the different vocals of the three gentlemen, ranging from clean singing to screaching and capturing and underlining the individual moods. Built-in rhythm and style changes create an exciting, haunting mix full of emotions and depth. Also, the drumming was tuned very precisely and harmoniously to the other instruments.

My personal favorite can be found in "Words Like Stones", which dove deep into my ear canals. A dreamy and somewhat melancholic riffing opens the song. It builds up in the middle part and culminates in a frenzy that sometimes reminds me of Black Metal passages, only to then return to quiet realms and let it end particularly melodic.

The next track "Vialy Part I And II" with its dark sounding bass and the wonderful playing of the guitar also creates goose bumps. Also, some spacey-inspired elements were used here, which sound particularly nice.

After nearly 54 minutes and the last track "I, the Tide", which takes the listener to other spheres, this multi-layered sound journey ends.

An attractive Doom-disc, which can convince with a multi-faceted string work and varied vocals. The entire magic of the music presented here unfolds throughout the album peppered with gentle melancholy. Just sit back and enjoy!

Rating: 9/10

Recommendations: Spaced By One, Words Like Stones, Vialys Part I And II


01. Obsolith
02. Spaced By One
03. Eternal Monuments
04. Words Like Stones
05. Vialys Part I And II
06. I, the Tide


Bartosz Janik - Vocals, Guitars
Jan Rutka - Vocals, Bass
Kamil Ziólkowski - Vocals, Drums