The Evil - The Evil (EN)

Band: The Evil (BR)
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Album title: The Evil
Duration: 46:21
Releasedate: 29.06.2018

The Evil - The Evil (EN)

The Evil from Brazil were founded in 2012 and they release their first longplayer now. "The Evil" could be bought already last year in a digital form. For all those, who are fans of CD, cassette or good old vinyl, it will be attainable from 29.06.2018 in the shops.

After a short intro, the four start with "About None Guilty". The string grouping play their instruments sometimes draggingly slow, sometimes with jagged riffs. They let their guitars groove pretty deep through the sound in the best Doom Metal manner. Likewise, they bring out varied melodies that, in combination with the built-in rhythm, create an exciting mix and complement each other with the discreetly playful drumming.

Singer Miss Aileen convinces on the mic with individual, multi-faceted vocal passages, some of which are in multiple voices. She sings, screams, whispers, even operatic choral songs seem to be coming effortlessly. In general, she is enthroned with her tremendous vocal power and creates a dark, exciting atmosphere.

It is really difficult to name a personal favorite here, as the whole album has become a real gem in terms of "Evil Doom Metal". But for a first impression I have decided on the three mentioned recommendations.

The Evil hold a black Doom fair from the finest, they delight with extraordinary vocals, a deep, powerful sound garment and set free the musical evil. Personally, I'm definitely eager to supplement my record collection with this delicacy.

Rating: 9/10

Recommendations: About None Guilty, Sacrifice To The Evil One, Silver Razor


01. Voices From The Deep (Intro)
02. About None Guilty
03. Screams
04. Sacrifice To The Evil One
05. Satan II
06. Silver Razor
07. The Ancients


Miss Aileen - Vocals
Iossif - Guitars
Theophylactus - Bass
Saenger - Drums