Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers (EN)

Band: Gaerea (P)
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Albumtitle: Unsettling Whispers
Duration: 41:46
Release date: 22.06.2018

Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers (EN)

Well, there's another totally mysterious band that lists "unknown" as a line-up and names at least three of the four members via Metal Archives. On the promo photos are four figures on it, but maybe that's just a trick. Well, at least it seems certain that the band was founded in 2016 and since then has released an EP called "Gaerea". This is followed by the debut album, which, according to the leaflet, turns the Black Metal world upside down. Well, in that case we would have "White Metal" as a result and that's definitely not the case here.

It is more likely that the band also leaves other influences in their sound. However, I do not really hear something like that, which is not too bad, because the Black Metal that is offered here is really cool. If one likes Mgła and Uada, but sometimes yearns for a bit more dirt in the sound, is here just right. So the Portuguese are blasting razor-fast, repetitive riffs that are heard in the typically melodious "singsong". This is particularly great to notice in a blasted song such as "Lifeless Immortality". Almost-beauty next to violence.

In general, the pace is kept extremely high. The Blastbeat is mainly normal speed and is supplemented from time to time by sluggish passages or Thrash-like outbreaks. The vocals are definetly the distinction to the above mentioned bands. The singer growls, whispers and screams his lungs from his throat. This gives the whole thing a really rough touch and is extremely varied. Listen in into "Catharsis". Here he first drags himself with nasty shouting, and after about two minutes he follows the path of the rest album again. In this song the vocals are really crazy.

The production is crystal clear and represents every instrument (except the bass) well distinguishable from the speakers. Thus, the sound does not blur even at high speeds.

With Gaerea, the Black Metal scene gets another great act. I'm not really excited about the mumbo-jumbo around the whole thing, but it probably just belongs there. The music is what counts and I can recommend it to everyone with a black heart. Great album and that's only the debut. Kudos!!!

Rating: 8,5/10

Recommendation: Lifeless Immortality


01. Svn
02. Absent
03. Whispers
04. Lifeless Immortality
05. Extension To Nothingness
06. Cycle Of Decay
07. Catharsis


??? - Vocals
Harborym BM - Guitars
Jorge Marinho - Bass
Nuno - Drums