The Konsortium - Rogaland (EN)

Band: The Konsortium (N)
Genre: Black Thrash Metal
Label: Agonia Records
Album title: Rogaland
Duration: 45:32
Releasedate: 01.06.2018

The Konsortium - Rogaland (EN)

The Norwegians again. The Konsortium crawl out of the deepest forests with the second longplayer. If you think of the usual, badly produced Black Metal, you think wrong. The Konsortium celebrate their sound with ice-cold fog in such a technical and imaginative way that it creates a spell from which it is hard to escape. In addition, the production also corresponds to the mangy sound with a good quality and it has pressure.

Fast-paced riffs that are murderous, sometimes typically disharmonious and mean-looking. They escape into everlasting sustained melodies, just to afterwards bounce on them hysterically - but in a structured way. Almost punk song structures alternate with epic harmonies and form a construct that - although almost progressive - comprehensibly develops a tremendous amount of energy. Then if you think: "now that whole thing rocks itself into the eternal hunting grounds due to almost chaotic arrangements", the work turns towards hymnic realms.

There is also a lot of variety in the vocals in order to let the songs have an individual touch so that they don't just rattle through the songs hatefully and boldly.

The leaflet lables them as the genre "Thrash", but I would rather replace that with the term "Avant-garde", because the songs are due to their emotional state to sophisticated and sublime. The band also does not shy away from using a saxophone, horns and flamenco guitars just like in the song "Havet "to create a deeply mystical and disturbing mood that I only heard in early Celtic Frost.

If you want to give yourself a mix of old Celtic Frost, Satyricon and Dissection, you have to listen to it. Fans of black metal, whose horizons goes beyond the usual underground level... enjoy this disc! Very cool thing that creates a unique atmosphere and dismantles the fucking turnip. Candidate for the black, rotten but shiny pearl 2018. There can only be one rating...

Rating: 10/10

Recommendations: Everything


01. Innferd
02. Skogen
03. Fjella
04. Stormen
05. Hausten
06. Arv
07. Havet
08. Utferd


F.G. Gugelli - Vocals, Guitars
T. Jacobsen - Guitars
B. Waldejer - Guitars
Teloch - Bass
Dirge Rep - Drums

Guest Musician:

Cpt. Estrella Grasa - Vocals