Defiatory - Hades Rising (EN)

Band: Defiatory (S)
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Black Lion Records
Album Titel: Hades Rising
Duration: 47:43
Release date: 11.05.2018

Defiatory - Hades Rising (EN)

Defiatory was founded in 2015 and has so far released the fine debut album "Extinct" (2016). Guitarist Ronnie previously played for the Death Metalheads Aeon before dedicating himself entirely to thrash ... and he's more than neat on the new longplayer.

Defiatory do not necessarily serve the old-school track, but their sound is headed in a more modern direction. This starts with the really fat overall sound and ends with the often mid-tempo-heavy shredder riffs. You can see that in "King In Yellow", along with some atonal deposits. The easy melodic approaches also have something of the current Slayer. If Defiatory really accelerate, as in "In Hell" or "Death Takes Us All", they come close to the brutality of Warfect, whereas their technique also has a lot Accu§er sophistication.

The drummer beats himself right through the botany. Always straight and yet with the necessary refinement, he gives a thoroughly hard tact. The bass is also relatively clear and supports the rhythm set by the drums perfectly .

In "Morningstar" the Bay Area-touch, which was mentioned in the leaflet, comes to the fore. Here the singing guitar melodies dominate, despite all the hardship and they are paired with the genuinely awesome voice of the singer. This sounds in spite of all rudeness always pleasant and he can really sing, without sinking into the currently often occurring hysteria.

And then the highlight rises to the top in the form of "Down To His Kingdom Below". True Thrash-riffs and fat Double-Bass along with short Blasts alternate with a great, melodic guitar work just like the older Testament. Here you just have to join in or leave. What an awesome piece of work? They continue just as varied. It doesn’t matter if it is the sluggish "Metatron" or the bolted "Bane Of Creation". There is no indication of a breakdown here.

Actually this great album comes out of nowhere. There is something for every thrash-metalfan here. Always brutal, always melodious, always at a high level. In my point of view, there should be a lot more of this kind of music. Music with heart and brain. Clearly a purchase recommendation !!!

Rating: 8.5/10

Recommendations: Down To His Kingdom Below


01. In Hell
02. Dance of the Dead
03. King in Yellow
04. Stronger Than God
05. Death Takes Us All
06. Morningstar
07. Down To His Kingdom Below
08. Metatron
09. Bane of Creation
10. All That Remains
11. Hades Rising


Martin Runnzell - Vocals
Ronnie Björnström - Guitars
Ludvig Johansson - Guitars
Patrik Wall - Bass
Jon Skäre - Drums