Cardiac Arrest - A Parallel Dimension Of Despair (EN)

Band: Cardiac Arrest (USA)
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Memento Mori
Album Titel: A Parallel Dimension Of Despair
Duration: 46:35
Releasedate: 23.04.2018

Cardiac Arrest - A Parallel Dimension Of Despair (EN)

For more than 21 years, these death metalheads from the entrails of Chicago have been around. During this time six longplayers, including the current, have been spewed out into the world. My ear canals have not yet come into contact with the material of the band, so I can not draw comparisons to its predecessors. But a big change is rarely to be expected in the sound that the guys offer here.

Cardiac Arrest can really be described as from the old-school area. Therefore it's enough to take a look at the cover, which you can either find quite cool or somewhat ridiculous. I tend to the first, as you can identify the music quite clearly. Thus, there is Death Metal for all who can not get enough of the Massacres, Incubus', (early) Deaths, Autopsys and Benedictions of this world.

Rotten, dark riffs dig deep into the intestines and then they are pushed by the creaking bass once again. The drums beat the right beat. This can happen at high speeds, as within "Unforgiving ... Unrelenting", or even nicely creeping as you can hear in "When Murder Is Justified". Melodies are not really needed and solos are rare.

Unfortunately, the main singer growls in a very monotonous tone. I would have liked more variation, as I also do with many other bands. Or maybe that the whole thing would have been loosened by another voice as in the short "Rotting Creator". Afterwards it becomes somehow death-doom-like with "This Dark Domain", before the very fast track "Professional Victim" slays through the picture. The dark ending "Voices From The Tomb" follows which slightly reminds of "South Of Heaven" (Slayer) at the beginning.

The sound is good and the mix is not too clear. Thus, the album always creates a gloomy atmosphere. The songwriting is at a consistently good level. However, there is no song that really stands out.

A decent Death Metal album, which includes all the ingredients for a proper departure. There is nothing more but also nothing less offered here by the Americans.

Rating: 7/10

Recommendations: Voices From The Tomb


01. Immoral And Absurd
02. Become The Pain
03. Unforgiving... Unrelenting
04. When The Teeth Sink In
05. When Murder Is Justified
06. Drudge Demon
07. Rotting Creator
08. It Takes From
09. This Dark Domain
10. Professional Victim
11. Voices From The Tomb


Adam Scott - Vocals, Guitars
Tom Knizner - Guitars
David Holland - Bass
Nick Gallichio - Drums