EVERTURE: veröffentlichen die zweite Single "The River Flows" zusammen mit einem Musikvideo!

Die finnische Modern Melodic Metal Band EVERTURE wird am 26. Februar 2021 ihr Debütalbum "Emerge" über Inverse Records veröffentlichen. Die Band hat jetzt die zweite Single "The River Flows" zusammen mit einem Musikvideo online gestellt.

Snger Jere Kuokkanen sagte:
"The River Flows is without a doubt one of the most heaviest tracks and one of the most surprising tracks on the upcoming debut album. In addition to the beautiful melodic style, the song is built on immense metalcore riffs and it has some brutally powerful screams.

The River Flows introduces an entirely new side of Everture, the one that has never been seen before. Lyrically, The River Flows is about dealing with painful things in the past and a person's inability to cope with their problems alone. It's a cry for help in a situation, where the person is afraid to lose their happiness and sink into their dark memories once again without a chance of finding their happiness again."

Track List:

01. In Between
02. For Tomorrow
03. Undersky
04. The River Flows
05. Promises
06. Ivory Tower
07. The Unfortunate End
08. White Lies, Black Skies
09. My 52 Shades
10. Closure

Quelle: stormbringer.at