CRIMSON THUNDER: enthüllen Album Details, neuen Song und ein Lyric Video!

Die italienischen Epic Metaller CRIMSON THUNDER werden am 6. März ihr Debüt Album "Force of Reason" über Volcano Records & Promotion veröffentlichen.

Das Label schreibt: "Born in november of 2012 by the merging of two bands, while studying with the members of the historic band Dark Quarterer, CRIMSON THUNDER started performing local shows playing covers of their favorite classic metal bands. In 2015 they started writing their own material, heavily influenced by epic/power metal acts while remaining open to contaminations and joined the scene in 2016 with their first EP “Thunder Wrath”. After two years of writing and arranging, they are about to release their first full-length album “Force of Reason” via Volcano Records & Promotion, coming out March 6th 2020."


01. Ouverture
02. Ghosts In the Crimson Eye
03. A Song for the Undead
04. Force of Reason
05. Manipulator of Minds
06. Rain of Tears
07. Light the Dragonfires
08. Footprints In the Void
09. A Tale of a Hopeless Revenge