BENEVOLENT LIKE QUIETUS (BLQ): veröffentlichen die erste Single vom kommenden Album "Kill The Bliss"!

Die kanadischen Goth Metaller BENEVOLENT LIKE QUIETUS (BLQ) wird am 13. März ihr Debüt Album mit dem Titel "Kill The Bliss" veröffentlichen. Vorab hat die Band die erste Single "Dawn of Rust" hier als Stream veröffentlicht.

"We think it should be received as a testament to our tireless effort to create our own unique brand of heavy music that is equal parts heavy, melodic, gloomy and just rockable. It’s brooding, depressive, dark, uneasy and often aggressive. Listening to it you can understand why we named it “Kill The Bliss”. It’s not all doom and gloom though. There are some positive moments as well."

"With the new single ‘Dawn of Rust’, we’re hoping to give a good glimpse of the album to come without pulling out all the stops. The song is a lament to the daily grind of life, societal pressure and overall decay of joy. Basically, if you can’t relate, you may not be human."


01. The Beginning of An End
02. My Favourite Enemy
03. The Great Divide
04. Soil of The Grave
05. The Rise and The Fall
06. Mad World (Tears For Fears cover)
07. Where Dead Hearts Reside
08. Love’s Inferno
09. Dawn of Rust
10. Darkness Collides
11. A Voluntary Disease