WALRUS: Neue Single samt Video!

Mit „Half Smoke“ haben die Psychedelic-Indie-Rocker WALRUS eine neue Single inklusive Musikvideo veröffentlicht. Das Album „Cool To Who“ erscheint am 18. Oktober 2019 über Outside Music.

Sänger Justin Murphy kommentiert: „We had been robbed in San Fran after our window was smashed in the van, then after a show in San Diego we had a day and a half to make it to Chicago. We did it. Then we had to play Moline, Illinois after and we had run out of money. I had run out of money, and we had the best band blow-up to date. I was sure it was done. My clothes had been stolen, I was bumming cigarettes. But it could always have been worse.“

Quelle: metal1.info