TANAGRA: streamen den Titel Song vom neuen Album "Meridiem"!

Die US Power Metaller TANAGRA werden am 26. April ihr neues Album mit dem Titel "Meridiem" veröffentlichen. Der 11,5-minütige epische Titel Song wurde als erste Single veröffentlicht. Es ist die perfekte Ouvertüre, um die Veröffentlichung zu eröffnen.

Die Band sagte: "It’s pretty unanimous that this is one of the best things we’ve ever written. It’s really close to all our hearts. Initially, 'Meridiem' started as a spiritual successor to 10:04 PM off of None Of This Is Real. As the song began to take shape it became more than just a spiritual successor, instead, it seemed that 10:04 pm existed so that one-day ‘Meridiem’ would take form. Really as time went on they shared little connection musically and lyrically but at its core shared the collaborative nature that we had come to know as Tanagra. This is the quintessential Tanagra song."


01. Meridiem
02. Sydria
03. Etheric Alchemy
04. Silent Chamber
05. Hidden Hand
06. Across The Ancient Desert
07. Witness

Quelle: stormbringer.at