EVERGREY: veröffentlichen mit "A Silent Arc", das erste Video vom neuen Album "The Atlantic"!

Die gefeierten schwedischen Dark Melodic Metal Meister EVERGREY werden am 25. Januar 2019 ihr neues Studioalbum mit dem Titel "The Atlantic" via AFM Records veröffentlichen. Die Band hat sich intensiv mit dem Nachfolger von "The Storm Within" (2016) beschäftigt.

EVERGREY haben sich wieder mit Jacob Hansen zusammengetan, der, genau wie bei den vorherigen Veröffentlichungen der Band "The Storm Within" und "Hymns For The Broken" für das Mixing und das Mastering sorgte. Das Cover Artwork wurde von Giannis Nakos erstellt.

Tom S. Englund sagte: "Guys! This is album number 11! Isn't that just sick?! It's also the third album of a concept that might have reached its destination or at least one conclusion. It might also have been something that some of you saw coming or anticipated.

"We've fought through giant private obstacles as well as an extremely complicated break-in at our headquarters studio to bring this album to you. So, at the same time as it's certainly not been painless or at all easy, it's been rewarding in new ways and our creativity has been painted in colors of honesty and sincerity.

"This is our heaviest, darkest, and perhaps also our most diverse album to date. It's everything we wanted to compose and the written words come straight from a place of transparency and never before experienced lucidity. Finally, as of yesterday, we've reached new shores. We can't wait for you to share this journey with us and dive into our worlds, our depths, and the waters of 'The Atlantic'!"


01. A Silent Arc
02. Weightless
03. All I Have
04. A Secret Atlantis
05. The Tidal
06. End Of Silence
07. Currents
08. Departure
09. The Beacon
10. This Ocean

Quelle: stormbringer.at