HINDER: kündigen neues Album an und posten erste Single!

Die US Amerikanischen Rocker HINDER veröffentlichen am 11. August ihr neues Album mit dem Titel "The Reigen" via BMG/The End. Die Album Details und die erste Single "Remember Me" wurden jetzt online gestellt.

""The Reign" includes "Remember Me," a heavy song about trying to get your head above water while buckling under the weight of how you'll be remembered. "With chugging guitars and a wall of sound," sagte Loudwire, "Sänger Marshal Dutton’s voice powers through this raucous new track."


01. The Reign
02. Burn It Down
03. King Of The Letdown
04. Remember Me**
05. Too Late
06. Another Way Out
07. Making It Hard
08. Drink You Away
09. Play To Win
10. Long Gone
11. Loser's Salute

Quelle: stormbringer.at