GORY BLISTER: mit Albumcover und Hörprobe

Die Italo-Deather haben für ihr neues, bereits viertes Album namens "Earthsick" das Coverartwork veröffentlicht.
"Earthsick" wird am 23. April 2012 via Bakerteam Records erscheinen.

GORY BLISTER guitarist Raff: "This new album is probably the best we've ever done.
It displays the raw energy we always put into our shows but also the passion that drives us through good and hard times.

"Death metal is not about money, nor about fashion; it's a way of life that requires no compromises.
We do this because we believe in it and we want to keep the flame high. Our fans are going to love "Earth-Sick"!"

Den neuen Track "Soul-Borne Maladies" feat. NILE frontman Karl Sanders könnt ihr in folgendem YouTube Clip streamen:

Quelle: Stormbringer.at