ORANGE GOBLIN: "Red Tide Rising", Musik Video & Making-Of Video!

"Red Tide Rising", heißt das neue Musikvideo von ORANGE GOBLIN.
Der Song stammt vom neuen Album "A Eulogy For The Damned", das am 13. Februar via Candlelight Records erscheint.

"A Eulogy For The Damned" wird als CD und als Limited Colored Vinyl im Gatefold Sleeve erscheinen.

Track listing:

01. Red Tide Rising
02. Stand For Something
03. Acid Trial
04. The Filthy & The Few
05. Save Me From Myself
06. The Fog
07. Return To Mars
08. Death Of Aquarius
09. The Bishops Wolf
10. A Eulogy For The DamnedKommentar von Sänger Ben Ward: ""Red Tide Rising" was actually the first song we wrote for the new album and the main riff was written by (guitarist) Joe (Hoare) as far back as 2008.
We all knew that this would be the lead song on the album as soon as we wrote it; it felt kind of special and it set the tempo and feel for the whole record.
It's one that we all had a lot of input on so it's a real band effort and definitely wasn't rushed.
The ending must've been changed half a dozen times or so until we were all satisfied!
It's a very typical ORANGE GOBLIN song and I'm confident that it's going to be a live favorite for many years to come.
We've actually played it at the last few shows and despite no one knowing it, it got a great response.
Lyrically, the song is a tribute to my fascination with the works of horror writer H.P Lovecraft.
The theme centers around the rising of Cthulhu from the deep and the ultimate destruction of Earth and mankind.
It was fun for me to use my imagination and be able to write about the Elder gods and the end of the world.
I think it'll make a great heavy metal video! The title was something I made up and we considered calling the album "Red Tide Rising" for a while.
It's pretty self-explanatory with the idea of the oceans turning to blood and the beasts taking over for the dawn of a new dark age!"

"Red Tide Rising" Video:

"Red Tide Rising" Making-Of Video: