NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM: feat. Danny Lilker: Veröffentlichen Debüt Album!

NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM, das Black Metal Projekt von Bassist Danny Lilker (BRUTAL TRUTH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, ANTHRAX), haben ihr Debüt via United Underground (Sevared Records) veröffentlicht. Produziert und aufgenommen von Lilker und gemastert von Doug White im Watchmen Studios, beinhaltet die selbstbetitelte CD folgende skandinavisch beeinflusste Black Metal Tracks:

01. Naan Kadavul
02. Vile Entropy
03. Eternal Wasteland
04. The Penalty
05. Ancient Spirits Call
06. The Trial
07. Lacerated Dawn
08. Mesmerized By The Flames

Gefragt über die Zusammenkunft von NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM sagte Lilker folgendes zum Decibel Magazin: "In a way, it's similar to how BRUTAL TRUTH began way back in '90, with me working in my home studio.
I wrote the music, programmed the drums and played all the instruments (no vocals, though).
I asked Ron from CRUCIFIST to write and record vocals for this project, but before he got around to it, the band came to life when I realized that some of my friends from the Rochester melodic black/death band SARCOUS would be able to play this material.
So, we took the three songs I had written - one of which is "Naan Kadavul" - wrote another song together, and recorded what we had.
That's the essence of how the band started, and as far as the impetus; well some may remember a black metal band I played in called HEMLOCK from New York City in the mid-to-late '90s.
We broke up in 2001 and I relocated to Rochester a year after that.
Although CRUCIFIST embodies elements of black metal, I wanted to play pure black metal again.
I was quite inspired by the early '90s Scandinavian black metal scene, which re-lit the fire that had gone out when the original black metal bands from the '80s lost their direction or broke up.
While a lot of people were simply drawn to the more sensational aspects of this scene and lost interest when all that died down, I still was drawn to the music, so NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM is, for me anyway, an homage to that era.
We are not reinventing the wheel here."