ANVIL: Rekrutieren neuen Bassisten!

Die kanadische Metal Legende ANVIL haben mit Sal Italiano - Mitglied bei der Long Island IRON MAIDEN Tribute Band LIVE AFTER DEATH und THE NIGHTMARE STAG, Ex-CITIES Tour Bassist - einen neuen Bassisten.

ANVIL's Langzeit Gitarrist Glenn Gyorffy (a.k.a. Glenn Five oder G5) hat die Band vor zwei Tagen verlassen.
Details findet ihr HIER:

ANVIL Gitarrist und Sänger Steve "Lips" Kudlow sagte folgendes im Metal Shock Finland zu diesem Thema:
"We hired an old friend to do the tour and are currently working with a new, improved bassist.
There was no major issue in fixing this at all and in fact everything was sorted out within a few hours of Glenn departing.
Glenn tried to make it difficult by leaving without proper notice but we've been preparing for this for quite sometime.
This did end up for the better as it is a huge improvement with our new guy both musically as well as personally."