PRIMORDIAL: im März auf der Paganfest Tour zu sehen!

Dir irischen Pagan Metaller PRIMORDIAL werden die Paganfest Tour co-headlinen, welche am 16. März 2012 in Oberhausen startet!

PRIMORDIAL Sänger A.A. Nemtheanga: "Never say never right? So we announce our participation in next March's Paganfest festival tour across Central Europe.
Anyone who has read any of my various ramblings and musings over the last year or two will know my feelings about the current state of club touring and the industry in general.
It's an ugly business but we are definitely ugly enough and getting uglier every year so strangely enough the stars aligned and the dates fell into place for us.
Anyone who knows anything about Primordial knows how hard it has become for us to commit to lengthy touring as the years go by.
The window of opportunity represents possibly the only opportunity we will have to do a longer tour for "Redemption" across Europe so as they say...needs must and better the devil you know.
Never as I say say never.

Regardless of the fact that the general tone of this tour is a little different.
It has a more pronounced mix of light and shade.
We have our Icelandic brethren Solstafir taking part which I would have thought alongside ourselves should sweeten the deal for those who may feel the pagan/heathen festival tour holds nothing for them, Romanian shamans Negura Bunget also filling out the darker quotient of the tour.
Heidevolk stand firm for proud old values and having taken part in Eluveitie's acoustic album personally my feeling on those guys and girls should be apparent!
I support them and the cultural significance they represent.
I'm not here to sound the rallying cry for a dying venture (i.e touring) or sound the death knell for Primordial club touring we are simply taking part, we have some interesting and new things planned and the tour has some light and shade, which may be difficult for some people to take but this is how it is.
Of course some territories are missed and we apologise for this but this is a mixture of market forces and pragmatism and unfortunately nothing to do with us, we hope to fill in the blanks over time.
Bottom line, Primordial is touring...this is the most important fact and you know what you are gonna get...blood sweat and fire so see you on the field…"



16/03/12 - DE - Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle *
17/03/12 - DE - Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn *
18/03/12 - NL - Tilburg - O13 *
19/03/12 - DE - Herford - X
20/03/12 - CH - Pratteln - Z7
21/03/12 - IT - Bologna - Estragon
22/03/12 - AT - Graz - PPC
23/03/12 - AT - Wien - Arena *
24/03/12 - DE - München - Backstage *
25/03/12 - DE - Leipzig - Hellraiser
26/03/12 - DE - Hamburg - Markthalle
27/03/12 - DE - Berlin - Postbahnhof
28/03/12 - NL - Haarlem - Patronaat
29/03/12 - DE - Saarbrücken - Garage
30/03/12 - DE - Giessen - Hessenhalle *
31/03/12 - DE - Geiselwind - Music Hall *
01/04/12 - BE - Antwerpen - Trix


PRIMORDIAL's "Redemption At The Puritans Hand" ist im April 2011 erschienen und konnte die offiziellen Albumcharts in Deutschland (#31), Finnland (#23), Schweden (#54) und der Schweiz (#90) knacken!