DEFIANCE: Lösen sich auf!

Folgendes Statement der Kalifornier Thrasher DEFIANCE über die Auflösung:

"After coming to the realization that the music industry was falling apart, and without the internal bond that DEFIANCE had in back in their heydays, it was decided by (guitarist) Jim (Adams) to shut down all activities to avoid being completely financially wiped out.
Jim has since moved on and joined SEVERED FIFTH and will be releasing a full length album in February 2012 titled 'Liberate'"

The final lineup of DEFIANCE .

Jim Adams - Guitar
Shawn Bozarth - Guitar
Keven Albert - Vocals
Mike Kaufmann - Bass
Burton Ortega - Drums

Das letzte Album der Band "The Prophecy", wurde am 19. Oktober 2009 via Candlelight Records veröffentlicht.