METALLICA: Plaudern über das neue Album!

Seit vergangen Herbst arbeiten Metallica am Nachfolger des 2008 veröffentlichten "Death Magnetic".
Die Band arbeitet an den Riffs und Licks, die während den Jams im Tuning Room der Band in den vergangen drei Jahren entstanden sind.

"We're about seven, eight songs into it," sagt METALLICA Drummer Lars Ulrich im Rolling Stone Magazine über die Aufnahmen.
Das Album wird erneut von Rick Rubin produziert. "We do it in rounds.
We come up with something, we leave it, go to the next thing, come up with something basic, leave it and circle back around.
Next month we'll go back and start embellishing: "Let's double that one part and come up with a middle bit.""

"If "Death Magnetic" was a logical successor to (1988's) "...And Justice For All", the next album will be a heavier Black Album," erzählt METALLICA Gitarrist Kirk Hammett dem Rolling Stone.
"We're not going to the depths of complexity that we did for "Death Magnetic". The stuff we're coming up with is more groove-oriented, a heavier version of what we were doing in the early Nineties."

"When people talk about the old stuff, they think "Justice"," Ulrich im Rolling Stone.
"But look at "Harvester Of Sorrow" on that album. It's a fairly simple five-minute song.
And "Fuel" (on 1997's "Reload") is an absolute scorcher live. Right now, I'm thinking shorter, more to-the-point."